Episode 159: Bay of Blood

Jason is back!, and the Heroes are 3 once again. The trio are back at their old habits of Tyler and Jason bicker like an old married couple, and when that grows tiresome they bash on Ballsac. The boys talk a little Superbowl and its commercials. Jason brings his top 3 / bottom 3 for 2014 and sets Tyler straihjt on the rules. Ballsac brings an are you fucking with me story before we go through What you’ve been watching?

The Heroes rundown Bay of Blood in their own special way. Ballsac fucks up a lot and teaches Tyler a few new words. We get 1 piece of feedback from Jake. Jason requests that you listeners get your shit together and send in your feedback.  If you want to get a hold of the show or send in your own questions, email us at allmyheroeswearmasks@gmail.com or call us 206-203-2487. Send us your questions!

Next up is supposed to be The Town that Dreaded Sundown(2014). ( streaming on Netflix )

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February 4, 2015


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