Episode 161: Final Exam

The boys have returned with another episode of the 3rd Best Podcast in the world and do they have a treat for you! Nothing changes when the trio get together, they rip each other, fall in love, and drop the soap multiple times to entice you listeners. Ballsac starts off being wrong, again, Tyler brings in the wrestling talk before going completely off script. Tyler brings the news, Ballsac brings some “are you fucking with me”, and Tyler has an Unsolved Mystery he would like the listeners before we jump into “what you’ve been watching”. 

The boys jump into the rundown of Final Exam and get off topic on multiple occassions. There may or may not have been really close to another Jason X rundown, I guess you will have to listen to the whole show to find out. We finish off with feedback from Stan, Emily, Craig, Jared, Jake, Jim, and Gwen. 

But thats not all! stick around the after the outro for a little peek behind the scenes of the show we just had to share with everyone. The youtube videos are of Francis we enjoy at the end.


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next time we meet : Sleepaway Camp
May 25, 2015


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