Episode 166: Sleepaway Camp 3

Our heroes and Angela come back for the third installment of Sleepaway Camp in an extra special drunken audio rampage. We try to get a story from Horrorhound out of Jason and he makes it a quick story. Tyler gets a couple things off his chest before we jump into “what you’ve been watching”. 

We get into the rundown of Sleepaway Camp 3 and see just how drunk and mentally slow Ballsac truely is during this show. I’m not sure if our heroes talk or laugh more during this show, so be prepared for full nonsense. We get feedback from Ryan, Jared, Craig, and Cordell with a 3 part voicemail because our voicemail line is trained to keep his calls on a time limit.

Music from the show is Motionless in White and Mushroomhead


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next time we meet : Return to Sleepaway Camp
October 11, 2015


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