Episode 169: Death Spa

The trio of talking of bullshit have returned with a new show from another ‘80 horror movie called Death Spa. A spa so revolutionary in workout equipment that people are dieing to use it and these 3 men just have to talk about after their short stint at the Detroit Jack Off Club. They bring tales of when wrestling was good, internet rumors, back to the festivus pole, the UFC 196, a little craigslist freakshow, a little news, and some what you’ve been watching? The boys come back with a rundown of Death Spa. We get feedback from Jim, fake Cordell, drunk Stan, Jared, and Craig, and another fake Cordell call in to the show while we get emails from Stan, Jake, and a couple new guys named Luke and Nate.

Thanks for the feedback.

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March 7, 2016


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